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Rexco Development

Encanto Apartments consists of 354 units within 20 plus acres in a resort residential zone in the City of Corona.  Murow CM started on the project to coordinate all the dry utility efforts to get dry utilities to project site.  Due to Rexco Development’s construction schedule, the developer opted to utilize Murow CM’s applicant design service to expedite the planning and design stage of the project.   Murow CM was contracted to complete CDWP’s power plans, along with AT&T and a spare conduit design, while coordinating SoCal Gas mainline tie ins and service to the buildings.

Corona Department of Water and Power

Murow CM designed and coordinated the on-site electrical system to serve the project.  The tie in point was an existing vault located on Temescal Canyon Road.  Murow CM coordinated with Civil Engineers, Architects, and Mechanical Engineering Planner’s to ensure proper placement of Joint Trench and building electric meters.  The placement was significant in order to maximize functionality and minimize cost.

AT&T & Spare Conduit Design

Murow CM designed an on-site AT&T fiber conduit system to serve the project.  The tie in point was a AT&T manhole located on Temescal Canyon Road.  Murow CM coordinated with AT&T to provide service to project site, while cutting down on typically longer lead times.   Murow CM also provided the developer a Spare Conduit Design either for: CATV or fire alarm feed for the site.


Murow CM coordinated with SoCal Gas to tie in from a 6” main gas line off Temescal Canyon Road to project site.  SoCal Gas system provides 2” line to all gas meter locations


Murow CM coordinated and teamed with PUI to provide the developer with dry utility contractor efforts.  Murow CM is working closely with PUI to maintain proper design and install standards on-site.  Murow CM coordinated a pre-construction meeting with CDWP, AT&T, SCG, PUI and the development team to make sure there are no conflicts during construction.