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The Murow|CM team of experienced professionals can provide a detailed earthwork grading analysis utilizing your conceptual grading plan, rough grading plan, precise grading plan, preliminary grading plan, tentative tract map or a final site plan. Our earthwork team is comprised of team members with 40+ years of grading experience and will provide a detailed grading analysis summary sheet that entails all the earthwork quantities such as a raw mass excavation cut & fill map accompanied by a 3D image of the proposed mass excavation design in a PDF form, quantification of all the remedial grading such as over-excavation in cut areas, remove & re-compaction in fill areas, organic removals, buttress/ stabilization keyways, rock/blasting zones, landslide removals and contaminated soil removals to name a few and will incorporate all factors relating to subsidence, shrinkage and or bulkage within our grading analysis.

We work with our in-house geologist who provides assistance and confirmation to our team regarding our interpretation of the geotechnical data available for any given project. Our team utilizes the Carlson Software which has a built-in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD engine which we harness this technology for 3D earthwork volumetric takeoffs and also 2D rough grading square footage exhibits. We can do any earthwork takeoff straight from a PDF grading plan and/or associated CAD files.

Our earthwork 3rd party services are a great fit for any civil engineering firm. We work alongside the civil engineering firms in order to assist them with balancing the site and also to help them better understand the intricacies involved in the full-on grading analysis for their project they are designing. After considering all the earthwork factors such as mass excavation, remedial grading, applying the shrinkage/bulkage correctly we then identify if the project is an import, export or a balanced project. After discovering if the project is an import or export site our team runs multiple scenarios on how to balance the site accordingly and in collaboration with the civil engineer’s potential adjusted design.

Our team works across all product types including residential tract homes, industrial, commercial tilt-ups, multifamily, public works, etc.

Our Earthwork Grading Analysis Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide an accurate Raw Mass Excavation (Cut & Fill) Map per the plan design
  • Raw Mass Excavation proposed Linework and Cut & Fill text labels overlaid on Google-Earth
  • Provide the Raw Mass Excavation proposed design model Image on a 3D PDF plan
  • Analyze and Interpret all Geotechnical data and associated reports
  • Calculate All Remedial Grading Volumes per the Geotechnical Recommendations
  • Provide a complete grading analysis summary sheet detailing all volumes calculations
  • Assist on Balancing the Site with the civil engineering firm
  • Assist in running different grading scenarios in order to accurately balance the site
  • Provide an Actual “Crew-Up” Unit Cost/Cost Estimate on all the Earthwork
  • Identify potential red flags that may affect grading operations which would increase the cubic yardage price in the overall development cost of the site
  • Identify and note potential red flags such as encountering water, rock, contaminated soils, highly expansive soils, liquefaction potential and how we can possibly mitigate this in order to save the client costs in the development of the project.

For more information on our Earthwork Grading Analysis capabilities please contact Noel Smith at 949.292.2738 or by email at

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