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We at Murow|CM understand construction cost make up a portion of the equation of land development costs. Fees, such as planning, permitting, inspection, impact, and others – play an important role in assessing the value and cost of land.

The Murow|CM Fee Analysis team has developed a comprehensive library and matrix of various fees and municipal codes that impact land development. We take an active approach in not only understanding the roles various fees interact with projects but also stay current with the various fees mitigated by municipalities and jurisdiction that can impact the timing of initiating a project.

Murow|CM has many resources which have allowed us to not only develop an archive of fee schedules but also allowed us to nurture relationships with the various agencies leading the efforts in procuring fees each and every year. These relationships include:

  • Planning | Engineering Departments
  • Building Departments
  • Water Districts
  • Sanitation Districts
  • School Districts
Let Murow|CM assist you today with fee analysis support from those fees paid at prior to final map recordation, through the issuance of building permits to that of a certificate of occupancy.
To learn more on our Fee Analysis division please contact our Manager of Forward Planning, Bret Ilich at 949.398.6739 or by email at bilich@murowcm.com



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“The Murow|CM Fee Analysis Team was very successful in identifying developer fees for my project.
They went above and beyond to clearly communicate and document the sources of their research.”
Chris Encheff, Westminster Development
“Murow|CM did a fantastic job on a time sensitive fee analysis job by getting up to speed on a project and thoroughly reviewing the available information. The end product was easy to spot check because of the detailed nature, footnoting, and innovating linking to relevant backup documents. Murow|CM was extremely valuable to our underwriting team.”
Chris Shiota, Isle Ranch Partners
“The Murow|CM team showed great knowledge and experience in the preparation of a fee analysis. They are a team of professionals that know how to get the job done on-time and with superb accuracy. I’m looking forward to working with Murow|CM on upcoming project as-needed.”
Ernie Rivas, J.H. Real Estate Partners