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Murow|CM’s extensive experience in successfully achieving project entitlements derives from over 40 years of working directly for Commercial/Industrial Development firms, Public & Private Residential Developers/Builders, and Land Acquisition/Development firms. Our experience allows us the ability to quickly navigate the process, define the correct course of action and align our consultant selection to those best suited for the project’s needs. Throughout the past 40 years we have aligned ourselves with a reliable and best in class team to execute the process in a timely and efficient manner to achieve the desired outcome.

It is because of this process, we feel we can not only deliver the project in a manner consistent with its highest and best use but also execute the process in a timely fashion that aligns with the financial goals of the project.

Our Entitlement Services include but are not limited to:

  • General Plan Amendments
  • Re-Zones
  • Development Agreements
  • Specific Plans
  • VTTM’s/TTM’s/Parcel Maps
  • Final Maps
  • Condo Maps
  • CEQA – EIR Certifications
  • Regulatory Agency Permitting
    • Army Corps
    • California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
    • US Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
    • Regional Water Quality Control Board
    • Others
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Related land use and development approvals

Entitlement Process

  • Lead/Manage the Entitlement Process
  • Lead Interface w/Jurisdictional Agencies/City throughout the Entitlement/Approval Process
  • Attend approval hearings such as Planning Commission/City Council Meetings as applicable, other Agencies as applicable, and represent ownership as requested at those meetings
  • Secure necessary approvals through the required Public Hearings
  • Set up Responsibility Matrix/Action Items
  • Update the Entitlement Timeline throughout the Entitlement Process
  • Update the Entitlement Cost throughout the Entitlement Process

We can help you navigate the complex and often cumbersome entitlement process through to project approval by offering strategies and executing on them to get the job done.

To learn more with regards to these services, please contact Bob Garrison (Director of Consulting Services) at 949.398.8349 or by email at bgarrison@murowcm.com


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“The Opinion of Probable Costs work product produced by Murow|CM was accurate, thorough, and incorporated icon hyperlinks to the project information, which added a nice touch”

Pat Potts